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Inter-Dimensional Communication Device

  • Sci-Fi
  • Circuit Bending
  • Reed Ghazala
  • Aleatron
  • Casio Sk-1

It all started with the first atomic bomb test by our species at White Sands New Mexico in 1945. It turns out that the electrons in the atoms that make up our universe are shared with several other planes of existence: dimensions beyond our comprehension, related to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Our electrons simultaneously exist elsewhere, making 3 of 5 layers of a hyper-dimensional universe.

When we split atoms apart in a chain reaction it alerted some of these upper dimensions to our existence, like a beacon. One of these dimensions managed to send the first of their fact finding missions within a few miles and within a year or so of the 1st White Sands test, which resulted in the Roswell incident: they manage to assemble biological robot explorers remotely, by manipulating our shared electrons from their own dimension.


The year is now 2023 and full disclosure of life beyond our dimension has been revealed by the nation of Australia, which was subsequently bombed into oblivion by the United States of America and China. The world is now in a state of utter chaos due to the knowledge/disbelief of an incomprehensible existence of intelligent life from parallel dimensions, combined with the social outcry of the recent eradication of Australia.

One very important fact released by the Australian government before their demise was that basic circuits in certain children's toys were strategically placed by alien biological robots as a means of communicating directly with the non government members of our species. The schematics to convert these toys into inter-dimensional communication devices was posted online by the Australian government, and were removed a mere 10 minutes later. Some of these schematics were originally released years ago by Artist Reed Ghazala via a collaboration between him and "them." Most devices are required to have a body contact, which adds the human body as a resistor in the circuity; this identifies humans individually, like a thumb print.

A group of physicists and artists, who call themselves ICAC, were able to get a hold of some of these schematics and are secretly working together in an attempt to decipher a language of sorts. A Circuit Bent Casio SK-1 is one of only a handful of devices in ICAC's possession.

The following phrases are thought to have been translated...


Other dimension:
What rank in your social hierarchy do Artists and physicist hold?

We are water based life, what are you?

Other dimension:
Our chemistry is not like yours, our atoms are in 5 spacial dimensions, you can only comprehend a cross section of them, called electrons to you.

Other dimension:
You must stop atomic bombs, they damage communications with other life, if you don't we will end you.

Other dimension:
Your evolution of language is crude. your species is still trapped under the dimension of time. you must achieve timelessness in order to survive...

Technical Information:

I circuit bent this Casio Sk-1 according to Reed Ghazala's schematics, creating what he calls an "Alieatron." I made a couple of alterations: putting 2 body contacts within an inch and a half of each other allowing for pitch/speed to be controlled by the resistance of the players thumb, and added a switch which triggers a series of notes. There were a little over 70 solder points made, not counting the mistakes...
The added right side of the instrument was built out of a plastic VSH case, this allows for maximum conductivity with other places..


Calling them

The way we let them know we received their message

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