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The Mysterious 7th Floor of Calit2

  • Calit2

  • Short Investigative Documentary

  • Department of Defense

  • Ricardo Dominguez

  • Micha Cardenas

This short investigative documentary seeks to discover what happens on the 7th floor of The California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2). Located on UCSD's campus, Calit2 technically is not part of the University. What kind of research goes on there? There seems to be not-so-secret ties to the Depart of Defense (DOD). Why does nobody seem to have access to the 7th floor?


The Director's Cut version has been uploaded on b.a.n.g. lab



Director - Bobby Bray
Lead Editor - Kevin Isomoto
Interviewee - Ricardo Dominguez, Trish Stone, Micha Cardenas
Interviewer - Bobby Bray
Editorial Collaborator - Bobby Bray, Bryan Le, Daniela Dean, Daniela Samacchiaro, Kathy Hoang
Cinematography - Bryan Le, Daniela Samacchiaro, Bobby Bray
Camera Operation - Bryan Le, Daniela Dean, Daniela Samacchiaro, Kathy Hoang, Kevin Isomoto
Sound Design - Bobby Bray
Sound Engineers - Bryan Le, Kathy Hoang
Storyboard - Bryan Le


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